Frequently Asked Dermatologist Questions

Submitted by Patrick Hatfield on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 10:50 am

Many of us have the same questions for dermatologists and it would be nice to see some of the questions and answers prior to making an appointment to ask the same of your dermatologist.  Learning for others is an excellent way to not make the same mistakes they did. 

What types of products should be in everyone’s skin care routine?

Your morning lineup should start with a mild face wash, an antioxidant serum, a hydrating moisturizer, and of course sunscreen.  Your evening routine should include a mild cleanser, treating skin with a retinoid to speed cell turnover and stimulate collagen production, followed by a deep moisturizer.

How often should you exfoliate?

Exfoliation is the key to removing dead and dull skin cells and showing the glowing and new skin underneath.  Most dermatologists will recommend exfoliating one to two times per week. If your exfoliant is of high strength, consider only once a week.

Do you need different products for morning and evening?

There are a few differences between evening and morning skin routines.  At night, your cleanser may need to contain a makeup remover.  Moisturizers used at night should also be thicker to penetrate deeper through the night.  Sleeping masks should be used once a week to calm your skin and brighten your skin as you sleep.

When is the best age to start using anti-aging products?

Starting the anti-aging skin regimen is best in your late 20s, before any fine lines and problems start to get out of hand.  Using sunscreen is the best way to keep your skin safe over the years in a preventative manner.  This is also the cheapest way to protect your skin and not have to go back later and try to repair all of the damage you could have prevented.

Can your diet affect your skin?

Your diet can affect the beauty of your skin, but not like you think.  Chocolate does not cause acne; however, foods with a high glycemic index can cause an increase in hormone levels in the body, which can cause acne.  That is why eating some greasy foods may seem like the culprit, but it is really dependent on the glycemic index scale.

Which areas of the body should you pay more attention to?

We all know to take care of our faces, because they are the most important parts of our features.  However, don’t forget your hands, neck, and chest.  These areas can tend to give your age away long before your face ever does.  Extend your treatments down from your face to your neck and moisturize your hands when you moisturize your face.  Do not forget sunscreen, because one of the most common places for melanoma to occur are on the back of a woman’s legs.

When should you see a dermatologist?

Everyone should seek out a dermatologist if they have a new rash, spot, bump, or just to discuss the best skin care routine for your particular skin.  It is recommended that you visit a dermatologist annually to check for skin cancer.