What your Dermatologist Wants you to Know

Submitted by Patrick Hatfield on Mon, 02/01/2021 - 11:14 am

Dermatologists are your skin’s best friend.  They are not only doctors, but they are specialized in how to care for and treat your skin.  They can help avoid serious problems down the road if you will ensure you are visiting them regularly.

Write it Down

Take some time to write down any notes regarding your skin health. If you noticed a bump or discoloration, write down the characteristics and date and track any changes.  This information can then be presented to your dermatologist for further evaluation.  Your notes and insight may lead to a more accurate diagnosis.

Don’t Overdo it

Many people will over wash, scrub and exfoliate their skin to keep it clean and in hopes of having glowing and radiant skin.  However, destroying the outer layer of your skin can cause great susceptibility to flaking, rashes, and breakouts, not to mention a sunburn.  You will also be removing the natural oils that protect and moisturize your skin.

Be Realistic

Dermatologists can resolve many skin issues, but these issues will not usually be resolved overnight and may take some time to show results.  If you don’t give the treatment a few days to weeks to work, you really haven’t tried it and it can delay results in your care plan.

Not all Dermatologists are the Same

Look for an MD or DO who is a board-certified dermatologist.  These individuals have undergone special training to test and diagnose skin conditions.  You will also want to see where they have hospital privileges and/or academic appointments to ensure you are selecting a qualified doctor.

Skin Tells an Inner Story

Many internal diseases can actually show up on your skin first.  Diabetes and thyroid issues can display themselves on the skin at first and be a clue to what is happening inside your body.  These clues can be very important when diagnosing conditions.

Take it Off

Many of us are a little shy when it comes to our bodies, but a small rash on your arm may be connected to a bite further up on your shoulder. Consider taking all of your clothes off for the doctor to get an entire picture of the situation at hand.

Don’t be Embarrassed

Many of us are shy about showing our bodies.  Do not be worried about if your hair is not freshly styled or if you haven’t shaved.  Most doctors are never going to notice this as they are only concerned with looking for irregularities on your skin.

Lose the Makeup

Layers of makeup and painted fingernails can obscure the skin and make it harder to look for signs of skin problems.  You will want to appear as natural as possible for your exam to let them see your skin in its purest form.

List of Products

Make sure to have a list of products that go on your skin and medications going into your body.  This will ensure that they know everything that could be causing issues with your current skin conditions.