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Botox and its Link to Helping with Conditions

Submitted by Patrick Hatfield on Sat, 08/15/2020 - 12:27 pm

Many people think of Botox (botulinum toxin A) as a miracle substance injected into your skin to help with minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  However, it has a much larger power in helping with other conditions as well.  This substance is actually a neurotoxin derived from a poison made by bacteria called Clostridium botulinums.  If this is ingested, it can

How to Choose Botox or Fillers

Submitted by Patrick Hatfield on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 4:12 pm

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear on our faces.  We also tend to lose fullness in our faces as we age, so sunken areas can form on the face.  Facials and skin care routines can help minimize the appearance of these imperfections.  However, over time, even they won’t help erase the signs of aging.  That is when you have to consider other options to improve your