Skin Care Tips for Men

Submitted by Patrick Hatfield on Tue, 12/01/2020 - 11:36 am

Men have a different skin care regime than women and often don’t take care of their skin like they should.  One big difference is the fact that men shave their faces and women usually don’t have a need.  The growth of hair causes another challenge in facial care.  Here are some tips to determine the best course of action for skin care for men.


It is imperative to clean your skin before you shave.  Your skin can get excess oil and that can cause the razor to get blocked and not glide smoothly.  Make sure the soap you are using is facial soap, so that it does not irritate the skin and block the pores.  Exfoliating is also a great way to clear up dead skin cells that may be trapped in pores.


Before you shave, your skin should be prepped for shaving.  After you cleanse, make sure you have warm water on your skin to open your pores.  Then use a shaving cream or gel to keep the skin moist and warm.  The shaving cream provides an extra layer to get an even closer shave.  Using water and soap does not create a silky barrier, which can cause for an irritating shave with nicks and bumps from ingrown hairs.


Another great way to get your shaving done is to do so in the shower.  This saves time, water, and the humidity in the shower will create a moist environment for your skin and make the shaving process even smoother. Just make sure to have a shaving cream handy in the shower and a great razor.


When shaving, it is important to shave following the direction of the hair growth.  Some people will say you get a closer shave if you shave against the hair growth direction, but this can actually cause damage to the skin and create more ingrown hairs.  Shave with hair growth direction and you will get a close shave that won’t cause any ingrown issues.


There are many types of razors, from single to a multiple blade razor.  If you want to save time, a multi-blade razor may be the best option.  However, if you are interested in a close and quality shave, a single blade may be the best option for you.  Be careful when shaving and try to reduce the pressure you are placing on the blade, which can create irritation and bumps if it is too hard.


For the best shave, you must consider time.  If you are rushed and hurried while shaving, you may have problems with nicks and cuts and if you move too fast, you may even miss some spots and have an uneven shave.


Men are usually not big on lots of products and pampering; however, using a moisturizer for day and night is the best way to keep your skin healthy and protected.  Ingredients that are recommended are shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils.  Stay away from unnatural fragrances that can cause skin irritation.